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Hat’s off to Robert Pattinson, perennial baseball-cap lover, who gave us something new to talk about today other than butts. Because his cut is neither cool nor Skrillex nor rat tail but some very weird hybrid of bowl-cut-meets-bikini-waxing-patterns.

He’s finally unveiled what we had previously called a cool-kid haircut. What kind of solace does this weirdly precise rectangular landing strip provide this former teen vampyre? Allison: Is it supposed to be an exclamation point?

Watch Evgenia (aka Katie Fey, Evgenia Diordiychuk, Jenya D) strip for you every time you win at your favorite game, blackjack.

Texas hat, boots, tie and belt – that is all you can leave her in!!!

I learned all about trolls and the importance of netiquette in this ‘Social Media 0.5’ world.

"Top Strip Club" lists in some media have demonstrated that U.D., who worked with Microsoft in various leadership capacities for around 13 years.Kurlander, who received two patents for his work on Microsoft Chat, explains just how Microsoft Comic Chat was a revolution in my little world when I first discovered it back in 1996.Customers are charged a minute to chat, on top of a .95 monthly membership fee.At least one dancer named Go Go is hoping for a fruitful long-distance correspondence between Tampa Bay and the nation’s capital.

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It was the first time I truly saw the power of a connected, social internet, where people from around the world were expressing real thoughts, feelings, and insights.