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Here’s What Some Twin Cities Residents Say About Philando Castile’s Killing – July 11, 2016 – People who live near the site of the shooting recall tension over race and policing long before officer Jeronimo Yanez killed Philando Castile. And That’s What’s So Sad – July 11, 2016 – After a week of violence and death, Youth Radio’s Soraya Shockley ponders how to move forward despite the sadness and anger.

Amid Deepening Investigation, A Clearer Picture Of Dallas Shooter Emerges – July 11, 2016 – The man who fatally shot five Dallas police officers may have had plans for a wider attack, according to the city’s police chief. Spark Networks Settles: Dating Sites to Recognize LGBT Users Love is blind. The same now applies to Christian Mingle and other targeted dating sites owned by Spark Networks, according to an approved settlement in a California court case seeking accommodation for LGBT singles. [Jul 7, 2016 PM, Spark Networks Settles: Dating Site] Supreme Ct: Abortion Clinic Restrictions Can’t Unduly Burden Women Today the U. Supreme Court invalidated Texas legal provisions that would have severely restricted access to abortions in that state.

Five justices agreed that the law placed an undue burden on women in violation of constitutional rights, and the…

[Jun 28, 2016 PM, Supreme Ct: Abortion Clinic Restric] No Deportation Relief for Undocumented Parents of Americans and LPRs The Supreme Court announced a deadlock today in a case about an immigration reform measure by President Obama. [Jun 23, 2016 PM, Supreme Court Shifts Perspective on] Net Neutrality Matters: Internet Is a Utility, Not a Luxury, Court Rules We the people need the web, according to a federal appellate court decision issued today.

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It offers a targeted dating experience where you can be confident that you're chatting to someone local.

Under the new name M14 Industries, John’s startup became one of Tech North’s Northern Stars 2015 winners.Relationship guru Sandra Harmon loves “grass.” And she wishes the dozens of men she’s dated loved it, too.“There have been lots of times I’ve dated guys who don’t smoke,” says Harmon. They grew up thinking pot is bad.” But now the 76-year-old matchmaking yenta has a solution: a dating site for stoners.Inspired by hyper-targeted dating sites like JDate (for Jews) and Farmers Only (for…farmers), Harmon’s goal is to carve out an online dating niche for medical-marijuana patients, recreational smokers, and those who may not regularly smoke, but are open to and curious about marijuana.The site is for everyone — gay or straight, young or old, those looking to hook up or to fall in love, anyone from anywhere, just as long as they give the “green” light.

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An individual who is generally a picky eater will become more open to different types of food, and will also eat larger quantities of food while under the influence of marijuana.

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