Britney spears online dating

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Britney spears online dating

A Spears rep denied it, but the source claimed, “Britney wants to invite dancers, staffers and her entire Vegas squad, as well as family and friends.” Brit’s little sis, Jamie Lynn, will host the bachelorette party in her backyard — a barbecue hayride with fat-freezing spa treatments and teeth whitening, claimed the source.

We fill you in on What's Trending, give you the 15 pieces of advice from men for women when it comes to online dating, hook Nikki up with tickets to Brewbeque, cover Celebrity Juice, ask what listeners think about Luke's problem regarding his girlfriend and her personal trainer, and play Trust Tuesday with Mitch, which you can watch below.The crowd gave Spears a standing ovation before she and Fallon ran down the list by namechecking some of her most famous songs and business endeavors, making plenty of jokes at Fallon’s expense in the process.One of the pros was that “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman” is a great song, but the con was that it was also Fallon’s yearbook quote — zing!PIC: Britney Spears Shows Off Her Amazing Abs While Preparing for World Tour Clearly, Spears and her handsome boyfriend are showing no signs of slowing down.In March, the "Make Me" singer accompanied Asghari to support his sister, Fay, at Los Angeles Fashion Week, where she walked the runway.

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