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By Ron Guba In the wide variety of Aromatherapy books and periodicals available today, we find many recommendations regarding the safe, therapeutic use of essential oils, often contradictory and seldom supported by either references, research or actual clinical experience.

In this presentation, I will explore the range of recommendations made and address the validity of each, especially addressing the underlying assumptions and reasons for these statements.

Originally developed by Maugerite Maury in France during the 1930's (2), this approach has become the dominant form of Aromatherapy practiced in English-speaking countries.

Employing relatively low dosages of essential oils (generally 2.5% or less in massage applications), the majority of therapeutic effects noted appear to be primarily of a secondary "energetic" or "terrain" nature, as in the case of acupuncture or homeopathy, for example, as well as working via the olfactory sphere."Holistic" Aromatherapy originally developed primarily in the domain of beauty therapy.

Over these past twelve years, through my involvement with various government and industry bodies, I have specifically focused on this topic of "essential oil toxicity" as one area of study, given the potential "poisons scheduling" of various essential oils by the Australian National Drugs and Poisons Scheduling Committee.

Three reasons appear to me outstanding - that of "philosophical" differences, the lack of knowledge amongst practitioners and authors and the fear of public misuse. Daniel Pénöel's concept of the "Aromatic Tryptic" (1), we can characterise "Holistic" Aromatherapy as fundamentally "energetic" in nature.

מטרתנו לשפר את המודעות ולקדם את משחקי הביליארד והסנוקר בישראל ולספק מידע מקיף בתחום. בדרך כלל כשמשתמשים במילה ביליארד מתכוונים לענף כולו של משחקי הכדור על גבי השולחן, אך קיים גם משחק ששמו ביליארד והוא נתן את שמו לענף כולו.

Having always approached the therapeutic use of essential oils from the "radical" French "Aromatic Medicine" perspective, I have long noted the many incongruous and exaggerated statements regarding essential oil toxicity.

משחקים גם על גבי שולחנות בגדלים קטנים יותר של 10 פוט, 9 פוט ואף קטנים יותר מזה, כשהפרופורציות של מידות השולחן נשמרות בהתאמה. הכדור הלבן, 15 כדורים אדומים ועוד 6 כדורים צבעוניים.

My screen name is Masqued Dolly, and I usually go by just Dolly.

Practitioner training, even up to the present day, has tended to concentrate more on massage and other application methods, than on an in-depth understanding of essential oils from both the chemical/pharmacological viewpoint and their full history of use in traditional medicine. Maury also stated her own preference to avoid the more "medical" applications of essential oils, including internal use.

Such applications, she felt, were best left to medical practitioners. Maury, the growth of "Holistic" Aromatherapy continued primarily in England by those influenced by her, such as Marceline Arcier and Daniele Ryman.

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