Who is the lead singer of seether dating

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i might actually like the song if she put something about that it wasn't all shaun's fault (which it wasn't) in there.

but, she didn't, and i can't really do anything so whatev :)Dmonheart, Not telling XD, VA You do realise that lots of artists do that it's there way to vent and let those emotions out and really come on saying she imature because she wrote a song about her ex that might not be actually how it happen. I don't care if you guys don't like what I'm about to say, but I'm going state my honest opinion.

It's better to look at the situation as a 'third party,' it gives you a perspective not aware of anyone else..makes you less emotional.

I know i don't know what it was like for her, but i've seen enough of evanescence's behind the scenes videos to know that it wasn't just shaun because there are just as many of her drunk as there are him drunk.He wakes up and everything is gray, all the same, etc.But something reminds him that he's aware and fine, but by the time he realizes this, he's lost a person of some meaning to him.Wow, so even if the ultimate reason for his condition was a breakup b/w his parents... Why try to stay sober when it feels like I'm dying?I don't see how you could read the lyrics to this song and think anything but drug addiction. Saying to late, im in hell (gripped by the drug now).

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The venue released a statement on its website after the show saying, "It will be no secret that last nights Puddle of Mudd gig didn’t exactly go to plan as our 500 strong audience were certainly treated to a very ‘rock n roll’ evening, and in the end, quite concerning performance from lead signer, Wes Scatlin."The venue claimed to be trying to negotiate the costs of the shows with the band's management and agents, possibly to pay part of the ticket price back to the concertgoers.

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